The good the bad and the ugly

The bad news first:
Headed to the post office (on the other side of the universe) to pick up my wrongly delivered trench coat, turns out the woman behind the counter was not in a giving mood and refused to give me my package unless I had proof of address… apparently THIS post office doesn’t accept just picture ID. thank you very much.

The good (read great) news
I lu-lu-lu-loveeeeeee Alfred Sung. Thank you mr Sung for putting cheap beautiful pieces into our shitty Zellers. I first read about his cheap collection for Zellers on I fell in LOVE (obsessed) with a pair of high waist tapered, pleated beige pants – and matching blazer. I had to have these pants! When I finally got around to visiting a zellers a few weeks ago, they were renovating and the whole place was a huge mess (no big surprise).

I walked around and couldn’t find a single Alfred Sung item. My 20 minute walk in the rain to get to to the store was starting to piss me off. Then I found it, a single rack, nothing special… i grabbed an XS in everything i could get my hands on – which wasnt much- and went to try them on in the ghetto changing rooms. the ONE pair of pants i found (size 0) were wayyy too tight to be flattering but I got about 5 shirts and a dress. Lucky for me, they were I guess getting rid of old stock and almost all clothes were 5$ a piece. I didnt find any of the spring stuff but I was plenty happy.

Back to today, I get to Zellers after my almost tear inducing encounter with bitch face post office lady in need of some serious retail therapy. And then LO AND BEHOLD a HUGE area full of Alfred Sung stuff! YAYYYYY
On top of it all, they had buy one get one half off… so I had to buy in multiples of 2! I left with a whole bunch of goodies including a pair of shoes and a purse. My credit card wasnt too happy but he’ll get over it!

some of my new wardrobe staples above:
from left to right:
black dress ( I got it in navy too… I just couldnt choose 1!)
Tan blazer
Black High waist pants

And the Ugly… well there was no ugly, just pretty clothes, shoes, sunglasses and bags.